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Brock looks to move city forward
Brock announcement.jpg
McMinnville has experienced a great leap forward during the last four years, starting with the opening of the Park Theater. The current Board of Mayor and Aldermen, of which I am a part, didn’t stop there.

We followed the Park up with the expansion of the east greenway, walking trail, continued street paving, and new sidewalks. We added a new ladder truck capable of reaching the highest floors of our senior housing, opened the new state board park, and built a new water treatment plant. These last two projects were subsidized by grants, saving our taxpayers money.

Along the way we worked with the county to keep the driver’s license center open for our citizens.

While completing all of the above, we have maintained an average year ending fund balance of $5.8 million. This I am especially proud of as chairman of the Finance Committee.

Early on, we realized that McMinnville and Warren County could become a tourism mecca. Our parks, rivers, and mountains are our best assets and needed to be promoted. We established a Tourism Development Board and developed a master plan to reach out to potential tourists. As a result, sales taxes generated by tourism topped $1 million last year and payroll generated by tourism up to 23 percent. You, as a homeowner would be paying 11.3 percent more in real estate taxes if not for tourism.

The future looks bright for our city. A grant funded sidewalk to the hospital will start soon. We are continuing to pave streets and build new sidewalks. The new robotics center will be opening soon along with a new access road. We are presently evaluating renovation and expansion of the civic center and the addition of an indoor swimming pool. Coming soon is a new dog park.

I wish I could take credit for all of this but it was a team effort and I am proud to be a part of that team. We don’t always agree but we come together, compromise, and get things done. There is a mutual respect for each other’s position and there is a dedication to move McMinnville forward.

Where do I fit in, what are my qualifications? I have served on the Safety, Street and Water committees and chaired the Parks and Recreation Committee. I am the city’s representative to the Senior Center. I am presently chairman of Finance. I have served as vice mayor and acting mayor during the illness of a past mayor. Best of all, I love my job and am dedicated to seeing McMinnville move forward.

I humbly ask that you vote and support me during the upcoming election.

Thank you,

Everett Brock