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Brawl traces back to Applebee's stabbing
Morton used a knife in that incident too
Charles James Cole is charged with aggravated assault.
A possible motive that goes back to a high-profile attack inside Applebee’s seven years ago has been revealed in a barroom brawl that left one man stabbed and two others facing felony charges.Charles James Cole, 34, and Anthony Phillip Lopez, 54, are charged with aggravated assault for attacking Jeff Morton at Cowboy Up earlier this month. Lopez was added for his part in the brawl that reportedly began when Cole asked Morton his name and then hit him in the head with a beer bottle.Evidence from the bar’s surveillance camera is what prompted lawmen to charge Lopez, even though he was stabbed during the fight by Morton.According to deputy Evan Cooper, video shows Cole pointing out Morton to Lopez before the assault. The same video shows Cole stomping on Morton while he is on the floor.“Mr. Morton, in self-defense, uses a pocket knife to cut Mr. Lopez in the calf of the leg,” Cooper reported, noting Lopez continued the attack even as the brawl was being broken up by the bar staff.