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Bra thief ordered into mental health treatment
Stacy Alexander Stanley entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.

A man who lurked inside a girls locker room at Warren County High School and then snatched several bras has been granted probation and ordered into mental health treatment.
The man, Stacy Alexander Stanley, 23, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of observation without consent, aggravated criminal trespass, and two counts of theft. He was granted an 11-month, 29-day judicial diversion meaning his criminal record will be erased once his year on probation is finished. As terms of his probation he will also be required to seek mental health treatment and must make restitution to the girls from whom he stole the bras and a piece of jewelry. He was warned by the judge not to be around WCHS.
Lawmen say Stanley was able to get into the high school after regular school hours in April and was caught on security cameras lurking around the halls as basketball and cheerleading practice was under way in the gym. A camera captured him entering the girls locker room.
According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, investigators believe he was in the girls locker room for some time and he took refuge in a shower while girls were in the locker room. He remained there undetected for several minutes before he left once the girls were gone. Investigators know he was hidden in the locker room while girls were there because they observed girls coming and going on surveillance video before Stanley emerged from hiding.
However, Stanley did not go completely undetected as one student saw him in the locker room and reported it to the school resource officer. It was then video was pulled of the hallway which showed Stanley walking out of the locker room. The video also showed what appeared to be a necklace Stanley’s hand, something of note because one of the girls reported a necklace missing from her bag.
Perhaps even more disturbing is the allegation Stanley took four bras from the locker room.
“We don’t know why,” Matheny admitted.
Matheny went on to reveal Stanley made another trip to campus. However, his last trip was not to steal, but to give.
“He had bought brand new pairs of panties and bras,” Matheny said. “He left them in a neat pile by the door.”
Stanley was not charged for his last visit to WCHS.