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Boyd indicted for burgalry spree
Jesse Corbet Boyd.jpg

A man who reportedly stole dozens of items, then sold many of them for petty cash at area pawn shops, was indicted on 12 charges Friday by the Warren County grand jury.

Jesse Corbet Boyd, 27, was indicted for aggravated burglary, and many counts of theft and burglary, for a crime spree that allegedly began in October and lasted more than a month. The thefts primarily targeted property in the northern part of the county, although one address in the city limits was burglarized.

Among his charges, Boyd is accused of breaking into a man’s home while he was in the hospital and stealing items valued at more than $6,800. This included a 1,800-watt generator, two concrete nail guns, three electric drills, a pressure washer, and a Shop Vac.

After being arrested, Boyd told the officer the victim had given him the items, according to the arrest warrant. Two items were found at pawn shops.

In addition to that crime, Boyd is charged with burglarizing an outbuilding on Francis Ferry Road and taking a trimmer and numerous power tools. The items were valued at $775.

Boyd is also charged with stealing from a new home site on Locke Bend Road and taking an air compressor.

At another property on Locke Bend Road, he is accused of stealing an air impact wrench, socket set and pressure washer from an outbuilding. The items were found at a pawn shop.

At a site on Red Road, he reportedly stole battery chargers, assorted tools and a circular saw. He reportedly pawned the battery chargers and received $20.

More tools with a value of $2,100 were reported stolen from a barn on Dogtown Road. Boyd is said to have been paid $25 for pawning a cordless grease gun at a local pawn shop.

When investigators with the Warren County Sheriff’s Department went to arrest Boyd, a license plate reported stolen from Salem Road was found on his property.