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Bowling kills bill which would allow work without license
Janice Bowling 2019.jpg

A Tennessee bill that would have allowed people to provide professional services without a license for work that formerly required a license has been pulled from consideration.

“This bill has created a lot of confusion and a lot of fear,” said state Sen. Janice Bowling. “Because of that, I have killed the bill. There are people who have worked hard to obtain their professional licenses and they were scared this was going to allow someone to come in and perform the work without a license. They thought this might jeopardize their livelihood and when people have that perception it creates fear.”

Bowling said she was asked by state Rep. Martin Daniel if she would work to carry the bill in the Senate. The bill would have required the person receiving the work to acknowledge the person providing the service does not have a license and waive claims against that person.

“The bottom line is the bill is dead,” said Bowling. “It was never put on notice which means it wasn’t scheduled to go to any committee.”

Bowling said the bill was created as a way to help people gain employment in the face of what could be viewed as an excessive number of license requirements. But the bill sparked backlash from a wide range of professionals who require a license to work – including teachers, architects, cosmetologists and real estate agents.

“This eliminates the concern that people will be able to work in your field without a license,” said Bowling.

She said she heard from a number of Warren County residents who were upset about the proposed legislation and she wants to announce it has been pulled.