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Bouldin gets 5 months in jail for assault
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A man has been given five months in jail for shoving his girlfriend off the porch, the incident sending her to the hospital.
The man, Jeremy Howell Bouldin, 32, was not only ordered to serve 150 days of a four-year sentence but also directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to undergo a mental evaluation. He is also to have no further contact with the victim.
According to the victim, an argument broke out between her and Bouldin about them being evicted from a prior residence. Eventually, Bouldin told her if “she didn’t like it, to leave.” The victim said she planned to take him up on his suggestion and began packing her belongings with intentions to leave. She told the judicial commissioner that things became physical as Bouldin pushed her and then started choking her.
“He started to strangle her,” the felony warrant reads, noting the victim didn’t just stand there and take it. “She defended herself and did grab Mr. Bouldin by the neck.”
However, Bouldin won out and the victim started to black out from the choking. It was at that point Bouldin’s aunt intervened and ended the fight. However, Bouldin got the last blow.
“He pushed her off the porch,” the warrant revealed, noting the incident happened as she was leaving with her belongings. “She went to the hospital for her injuries.”