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Bond reduced in murder of Luna
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Bond has been dropped for two youths accused of killing a man in Mt. Leo in January during a botched drug heist.
Bond for Malik Scott, 18, was dropped to $500,000 and bond for Nicholas D. McGee, 20, was reduced to $400,000 from the original $1 million. They both still remain held at Warren County Jail awaiting trial this March despite the lower bonds.
Their partners in crime, Tyler Allen Jones, 19, Melvin Horn, 18, and alleged trigger man Sam Brinkley remain held at Warren County Jail under their original $1 million bonds. The lone member of the group who is still 17, Charles Guess, is being held in juvenile custody until he turns 18 next month. Scott, Brinkley, Guess and Horn were underage when the murder happened.
The suspects are accused in the shooting death of Oswaldo Luna, 43, who was murdered in his sleep in a small trailer in which he lived behind a business in Mt. Leo. Investigators say the youths went there with the intention of robbing Luna of marijuana they believed he had in his possession. However, when the well-armed teens threw open the door to the trailer, Brinkley panicked and opened fire, killing Luna while he lie in his bed.
The youths all hail from Coffee County.
It is partially due to the wording of his confession that McGee was able to get his bond reduced by more than half when he appeared before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley for a bond hearing. McGee pointed out he never went on Luna’s property the night of the murder and he was actually there to try to prevent Brinkley from getting into trouble.
“He considered himself Brinkley’s older brother,” McGee’s request for lower bond reads. “He was there to keep Brinkley from getting into trouble.”
While failing in his mission since Brinkley was the one who allegedly shot Luna, McGee maintained during his preliminary hearing he did not know there would be an armed assault.
McGee also maintained in his motion for lower bond that, if released, he would either live with his dad in Nashville or aunt in Manchester and that he is a low flight risk.
While cutting the bond amount, Judge Stanley ordered McGee to wear a tracking monitor and that he only be allowed to be at his residence or at church if he should make bond.