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Bond plays her way to first place at WCHS Talent Show
Natalie Bond won first place in the WCHS talent show Friday night with her fiddle performance.

Warren County High School student Natalie Bond struck the right chord during Friday night’s Multi-Cultural Club Talent Show. She won first place with her violin performance.
“I didn’t think I was going to win,” said Bond. “I don’t see myself as that good. When they announced my name as the first-place winner, I thought ‘Really? No way.’ It was a shock.”
Bond has been playing for approximately seven years. She played a Celtic song with Bill Cathcart, who is her original violin teacher, in accompaniment.
Combating stage fright was Bond’s biggest motivation.
“I entered the competition because I’m trying to get over my stage fright,” Bond said. “I have a little fear when I’m on stage. I entered trying to get ready for the Fiddlers Jamboree and others. It helped my nerves having Bill there with me.”
For her winning performance, Bond was given $150 which she said will go toward buying another fiddle or a mandolin.
Coming in second and dancing off with $100 was Megan Taylor with a ballet routine, while Brett Evans tapped his way to third and $75 by playing a xylophone/marimba.
MC for the evening was Kali Bennett, president of the Multi-Cultural Club. Lending her a helping hand was Zane Jefferson, who also performed in talent show but added some humor as MC.
“While we’re waiting for a judge’s to return, I’m auctioning off this sweet potato,” said Jefferson. “Do I hear $1? Come on, people. It’s a potato and it’s sweet.”
The crowd took it from there, bidding from 25 cents to several dollars.
Proceeds from the talent competition will be used by the Multi-Cultural Club for its various activities. The primary purpose of the club is to give all students a better understanding of the past and present accomplishments and contributions of all races and nationalities. All students are welcome to join. During club meetings, guest speakers are invited to make presentations on different nationalities and cultures.