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Bobby Ray students earn day of fun
Bobby Ray rewards1.jpg
It was fun-filled morning Friday for the best behaved students of Bobby Ray Elementary. Those earning Star Bucks were treated to good-spirited competition. Devyn Gennings won in her category of “balancing” on a tightrope, which was actually walking a straight line. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Motivation for good behavior set the scene for festivities at Bobby Ray Elementary on Friday morning.

“We’re rewarding these students for good behavior,” said ESL teacher Kristin Grayson. “Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to ear Star Bucks for following school rules, being safe, being responsible and being respectful. We offer them Rewards Day events quarterly where they can participate in fun activities.”

Grayson and fellow ESL Tracy Walkup, along with other members of the Bobby Ray faculty, organized the events.

Grayson says the practice of rewarding good behavior is successful. 

“Star Bucks gives them something to work for,” she said. “They get them for good behavior and then spend them at Rewards Day. Almost every student in the school was involved in today’s activity, so this program works. These events reward good behavior and gives them something to look forward to.”

Students with enough Star Bucks can spend them at the school’s store and purchase actual items. 

All students a Friday’s Rewards Day were given a big Tootsie Roll sucker and, thanks to the generosity of Dr Pepper Bottling Company, a drink. 

For more information on any of Bobby Ray Elementary’s upcoming activities, visit its Facebook page.