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Bobby Ray project to be finished after school starts
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The project at Bobby Ray Elementary won’t be complete before the first day of school.
“The projects are coming together,” said Cox. “I was at both places today, Bobby Ray and Irving College.”
An update was made Monday to the county Education Committee with members Diane Starkey, chair, Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carlene Brown and Scott Rubley in attendance.
“Bobby Ray’s gym should be close to complete,” said Cox. “They are sanding the floor now. The first two coats of finish will be on by Friday and then they will have to come in and stripe it. I think they have to add three more coats over the top of that. We’re probably not going to be able to use it for the first week or so of school, I would think. You have to stay off it three days after it’s complete. Then, they have to put in the bleachers. They can work around us on that part. They are moving as fast as they can.”
Irving College will be complete before the first day of school.
“At Irving College, they are moving in furniture,” said Cox. “We will be ready to go by the time school starts. They should have everything ready on it. I was really worried about the HVAC units. We are replacing all the heating and air and putting cabinet units on the outside. If you go by the building, you will see the cabinet units on the outside. They’ve got those all in. They are up and running. We have to regulate them, but they are going good.”
The units are digitally programmable, says Cox.
“When the building is occupied, they will automatically cool the building down. When the building is unoccupied, the temperature will go up. There will be energy savings. It’s heat and cool. It works like a heat pump.”
Open houses will be arranged once the projects are complete.