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Board considers Park Theater booking options
Joe Harvey experience.jpg
The Joe Harvey Band, shown during a performance last Friday at Main Street Live, could bring its Black Friday entertainment to the Park Theater this year.

If you’re a fan of The Joe Harvey Band, you may get a chance to see the group at the Park Theater.

The Tourism Development Board is brainstorming entertainment possibilities, specifically the pairing of The Joe Harvey Band and Nick Moss Band.

“Joe Harvey had approached me when the VFW was sold saying that he would need to partner with someone to put on his Thanksgiving show that he does every year,” said TDB member Mandy Eller. “He asked if we could go in with him at the Park Theater and usually how he does it is he splits the profit on it.”

Eller pointed out it seemed more like a community event than a tourism event. She also informed TDB members that Brad Stewart had contacted her about the possibility of bringing back Nick Moss since that show didn’t go very well the first time.

“We wondered if we did bring Nick Moss back, maybe have Joe open for him to lead to a sellout,” said Eller.

Added TDB member Christy Ross, “Yeah, I think that sounds better but I don’t know about the door split though.”

Answered Eller, “No, we can’t do that with two. They aren’t the same booking agent.”

Mayor and TDB member Ben Newman mentioned the possibility of getting Park Theater to put on the show by booking The Joe Harvey Band.

Asked Eller, “Any thoughts on having Nick Moss back?”

Answered Newman, “I thought he was great. People just don’t know who he is.”

According to Eller, Nick Moss has recently won two awards and Alligator Records is pushing to promote him. Eller claims the lack of promotion was a main issue last time.

“I don’t know what exactly keeps people from coming to the Park for those shows,” said Eller. “We’ve see it in other cases too. We are trying to pull people out of Nashville. It’s an evening show and I think at night they want to stay so maybe it is a lodging issue.”

Added TDB member Katie Kemezis, “I think one thing that Mandy and I talked about too was that Joe Harvey can pull a big crowd so is it a better show if he is opening for a much bigger act?”

Interjected Newman, “Or would Nick Moss open for Joe Harvey Band?”

Ross said she felt the Joe Harvey event was more social than a listening environment. She said relocating to the Park Theater might change the dynamic.

No action was taken. 

The TDB meets regularly on the second Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Chamber.