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Black House to get haunted Oct. 27-28

Got ghosts, zombies and witches?
According to Jeanette Lowery, the historic Black House will be transformed into a haunted house Oct. 27-28 from 7 to 9 p.m.
People seeking a scary start to Halloween should visit Horrors at the Black House.
“We are having an open house filled with sketches of horror and frightening zombies outside and inside with the walking dead,” said Lowery. “You will catch glimpses of a fortune teller and witches haunting the grounds with a cauldron brewing. There will be ghost stories told in the gazebo. We’ll have some spooky music coming from the piano.”
The first person who can provide proof they were born on Halloween will win a copy of “If Walls Could Talk: The History and Mystery of the Black House” by Bobby Newby, who passed away April 28. The gift is made in his memory.
Constructed in 1825 by Jesse Coffee, The Black House was deeded to the Eagle Club in 1984 for restoration and preservation. Lowery is the current executive director and oversees the effort. The Black House derives its name from previous owner Dr. Thomas Black.
The house is over 190 years old and it has experienced many lives. Lowery says some of those could still be around.
“The house is seven years away from being 200 years old,” said Lowery. “There are ghosts in there. They have been spotted. I had an experience. We had to move all the furniture out before the godchild would give us the deeds to the house. We moved all the furniture to the Blue Building. I went back to close up. It was beginning to get dark. I’d been in there hundreds of times. When I got upstairs into the child’s room, I smelled rubbing alcohol. It was so potent, it scared me to death. I took off running as far as I could go. I missed every step I could miss.”
She locked both doors and refused to go back into the house alone.
“I know there was no rubbing alcohol in the house. I’ve been all through it. For a long time, I carried a butcher knife from the kitchen with me when I walked through the house alone. That’s how real it was and how terrified I was. I believe we upset Dr. Black. He didn’t like it because I was moving all the stuff out.”
Horrors at the Black House is one of many events offered throughout the year to raise money to maintain the property. Admission is $5 for ages 4 and older.