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Black House gets spooky
Black House Halloween 2.jpg
Earline Steakley gives an award-winning performance of Winnie Sanders from “Hocus Pocus.” Winnie coaxes Brooks Fann into assisting her with the mysterious potion in the smoking cauldron.

If you missed the opportunity to tour the historic Black House during its Spooky Black House, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. 

Designed with federal architectural style in 1825, the house decor set the spine-tingling tone for a spooky cast. Each room was darkened with hallowing lights, ghostly props, coffins, and giant spiders, all while chamber music mixed with other creepy sounds to rumble through the eerie air.

Ghoulish characters mesmerized guests with their own bewitching stories. Visitors were greeted by Winnie Sanders of “Hocus Pocus” and she invited them to participate in the creation of a potion concoction by adding eye balls and other ghoulish items.  

The tour would not be complete without Dr. Black himself, played by Bob Stanford, coming back to life with his explanations of his bone saw. Of course, he was sure to ask if anyone needed a finger or toe removed while in his office. 

The Evil Clown, played by David Moore, guided visitors to the parlor for a visit with The Undertaker, played by Steve Grayson. Sister Julien, played by Veronica Sparkman, and Tim Prater were on hand for a storytelling portion.  

As no Spooky House is complete without a witch, Amy Stanford was unrecognizable as she donned the witch’s costume and handed out treats to little guests as they departed the stately house. Sadly, adult goblins were not eligible for the treat bag giveaway.