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Black History Museum plans to grow
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Black History Museum of Warren County curator Wayne Wolford is working to make the museum a place to educate people and a tourist destination.

Wolford spoke at the Warren County Commission meeting this month on behalf of the museum and said officials want to make it a place where people from all over come to visit. He says it is already funded well in terms of rent, but they are hoping to get some more funding to make the museum better.

The museum has exhibits and information on some of Warren County's finest. The jersey of McMinnville native Lester Strode is on display. He served as bullpen coach for the Chicago Cubs from 2007-2019.

There's a life-size version of McMinnville native Mark Gwyn, who is the only person to be appointed to three terms as TBI director.

There's even a little info on Wolford himself, an Army veteran who served two tours in Korea. Wolford has been retired from the military for 26 years.

“We have only been established one year and this is our second year now and the church which we are leasing the building from is really working with us,” said Wolford. “We have one suite that is already done and we have filled it out and now we have another suite we have upstairs. So what we are trying to do is get a little bit more money to help us out. If the doors are going to be open, the next thing is trying to get artifacts, track lights, and stuff like that to make it more of a nice museum.”

He says they would not be asking for too much money and do not know the exact amount they will be needing yet. 

The museum is currently open Tuesday thru Friday from noon until 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from noon until 2 p.m. Admission is free and it is located at 203 W. Main Street. Wolford hopes to continue making the museum a place people want to visit.

“What I am trying to do is I am trying to establish this to where we educate people. Not only Warren County, not only McMinnville, but tourism. We’re reaching out. We are getting people from all over which is nice and educating people is the thing and that is what makes us great as Americans,” said Wolford.