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Black could avoid jail for stealing TV, gun
Brandon Black.jpg

A man who broke a window to steal a handgun and TV from a woman’s home could avoid serving jail time for the crime.

Brandon Scott Black, 35, was given a six-year sentence in Circuit Court with 364 of those days to be served in jail.

 However, Black was given the option of having his 364 days furloughed to a treatment facility. He must also make $400 restitution for the broken window.

According to the arrest warrant, Black and a female partner in crime, Kali Yuga, used a rock to break a side window and gain access to a home in the Morrison area.

Once inside, they stole a Sig Sauer 380 pistol and 55-inch Vizio TV.

A traffic stop was initiated in Cannon County where a deputy found Black and Yuga in the same vehicle with the stolen items. Serial numbers were used to verify they were the items stolen from the home in Morrison.

Upon interviewing the suspects, authorities determined they were both at the home, both unlawfully entered it, and took the property without permission. The property was valued at more than $1,000 but less than $2,500.

Yuga already pled guilty to the charges and was ordered to serve 180 days of a three-year sentence in jail.