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Biles donates anti-COVID entry tunnels
Anti-COVID entry tunnels.jpg
Two disinfecting systems have been donated to Warren County government.
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The Biles family is donating two sanitizing walk-thru tunnels to Warren County. Pictured is Roger Biles with his mother, Fannie Biles.

A donation of two sanitizing walk-thru tunnels will seek to make Warren County High School and Warren County Sheriff’s Department healthier and safer.

“My mother taught us it’s important to give back to the community,” said Roger Biles, owner and CEO of InterMed Resources TN. “I live in Brentwood now, but McMinnville is my hometown. I love McMinnville. My mother still lives there. So, this donation is from the Biles family.”

Biles sells high-end medical equipment to 3,500 hospitals cross the United States. Among the items produced by the company is an anti-COVID tunnel that uses an ozone technology water system. Regular tap water, once filtered through the system and dispensed into the air, produces a light mist disinfectant that is 80 times more potent than bleach, without any toxins.

According to Biles, the mist can kill MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus auresus) which is the cause of staph infection, among other bacteria and germs. Yet, it is completely harmless to humans.

“The water used with a fogger can cover everything and disinfect any surface in less than one minute,” said Biles. “It’s a very effective disinfectant, but harmless to people and pets. It can kill MRSA, but you can drink it. At the height of the pandemic, we sold quite a few of them. We’re donating two to Warren County government.”

Additionally, the tunnel system can scan for body temperature.

One tunnel will be given to Warren County High School.

“Right now, our plans are for it to be in the weight room/ athletic facilities,” said Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows.

Warren County Sheriff’s Department will receive the other tunnel.

“As of now, we plan on placing it in our booking area where the inmates and employees enter the jail,” said Sheriff Tommy Myers.

County Executive Jimmy Haley expressed his gratitude for the donation. “They (the Biles family) have never ceased to give back to our community and this latest gift shows their continued heart for our community and a new generation of school kids. I am so grateful for what that family has done and continues to do for our county.”

While the official donation was made Tuesday at Warren County Administrative Offices by Roger Biles and his mother, Fannie, installation of the tunnels is expected in early November.