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Biggest Thanksgiving Fears
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From overcooking the turkey to guests getting too tipsy, and from being stuck at the kid’s table to someone revealing a family secret, it turns out the American holiday experience is filled with joy and trepidation.
That's according to an All The Same Under One Roof survey conducted by the Manufactured Housing Institute and international market research firm YouGov.
According to Richard Jennison, president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute, “We found some amusing and very useful differences among age groups, regions of the nation, and other delineators, some of which could be used to help plan accordingly and smooth the holiday experience for everyone.”
Three out of five respondents acknowledge a fear about the upcoming holidays. Among those that express a fear, their top three biggest holiday fears are that politics will be discussed over dinner (27%), they will be stuck in traffic (15%) and their favorite team will lose (13%).
In addition, for Thanksgiving, 28% admit to taking an after-dinner nap, 17% have complimented the cook when they didn’t like the food, and 13% have said something they shouldn’t have.
The survey did find some fun differences, and they are more likely to fall along age, education, income and geographical lines — whether the issue is a good old nap, or worry there won’t be enough wine at the table.

Among the many findings:
• Traditionally women are the big holiday planners but they have fewer concerns about things going wrong than do men.
• Millennials and Gen Xers are most likely to get too tipsy and to worry about running out of wine at dinner.
• Younger and single? You’re probably going to be sleeping in your childhood bedroom if you stay the night.
• Generally, the higher the household income, the more likely they've had someone who overstayed their welcome.
• If you’re a grown up and want to avoid the kids’ table, then it’s best to be married – single Millennials and Gen Xers are most likely to be stuck with the children.

Among those who expressed a fear, the biggest holiday fears:
• 27% Politics will be discussed over dinner
• 15% I’ll be stuck in traffic
• 13% My favorite team will lose the game
• 12% We will run out of food
• 10% The cook will ruin the dinner
• 10% We will run out of wine
• 8% Religion will be discussed over dinner
• 6% A family secret will be revealed

Responses when asked if this has ever happened to them at Thanksgiving:
• 28% Taken a post-turkey dinner nap
• 17% Complimented the cook even when the food was bad
• 13% Said something I shouldn't have
• 10% Gotten too tipsy
• 10% Been an adult, stuck at the kids table
• 10% Over-cooked the turkey
• 9% Hosted a house guest who stayed too long
• 8% Slept in my childhood bedroom
• 7% Made an excuse to avoid doing the dishes
• 7% Waited in line to use the bathroom