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Bids a pleasant surprise for county commissioners
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Savings are adding up for Warren County Schools with bids for two projects coming in $98,250 less than estimated.
The county Financial Management awarded the bid for the high school’s chiller replacement at $211,000 and the bid for the middle school’s demolition and restoration project at $98,750. Estimates on those projects were $250,000 and $158,000, respectively, a savings of $98,250.
Replacement of the chiller was placed in the school’s 2017-18 fiscal year budget. Four companies submitted bids with the lowest being $211,000 and the highest being $239,411.
“The lowest bid came from Total HVAC and that’s what our engineers have recommended,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, of Oliver, Little, Gipson Engineering. “We recommend the approval of that bid for the chiller replacement.”
Commissioner Terry Bell questioned how many chillers are being replaced.
“It’s just one,” said Cox. “One of the two.”
Midwest Maintenance placed the only bid for the pedestrian bridges.
“As you know, we had two rounds of bidding,” said Cox. “We had one bid, I think it was $191,000 when you add the alternatives. It was out of our budget. Our budget scope was $158,000. We rebid it. The next bid came in at $98,750. It was the only bid we had. That’s within our budget. The architect met with the bidder to confirm the bid.  He said he could do the work we needed for that price.”
Concern was expressed.
“Will he have a bond on that?” asked County Executive Herschel Wells.
A bond is a surety bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor.
“I assume he will,” said Cox. “I’ll double check and see.”
Commissioner Tommy Savage added, “There’s a lot of difference there. I want to make sure they are capable of doing it for that.”
“He assured us that he can do it for that price,” said Cox.