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Ben Lomand Mountain up for auction
Over 1,700 timber acres available
Ben Lomand Mountain is located off Highway 108 heading to Viola and is visibile behind WCHS.

The scenic view of Warren County could be changing if Ben Lomand Mountain falls into the wrong hands during a public auction slated for July 22 at 12 p.m. to sell 1,716 acres.
 “There is a push to find someone to purchase it with the intent of preserving it,” said McMinnville Mayor and Heritage Alliance president Jimmy Haley. “The fear is someone will purchase it and clear cut it. There is a lot of history to that mountain. We would like to preserve it.”
Haley said selective logging – the practice of removing a few trees and leaving the rest intact – would be a better option than clear cutting, which is removing all the trees and leaving little behind except wood debris and a stripped landscape.
The mountain has been divided by two siblings, Mary and Jane Whitson, as part of an inheritance. Mary has decided to sell. Donald Hillis Realty will oversee the auction. The property is listed as “approximately 1,700+/- timber acres” and touted as an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with over 10 million board feet of virgin timber.”
“I hate to hear that,” said Jane, of how the property is listed. “I wish my sister had put some kind of restrictions on the sale. It needs to be managed in a conservative way to preserve the integrity of the hardwood forest and preserve the view for the residents of McMinnville."
My sister’s property, more than mine, is very visible from McMinnville.”
Jane is urging any potential buyer to use conservation measures – only cut trees that are at least 18 inches in diameter and allow the younger trees to mature for 25 years before again cutting trees over 18 inches in diameter – in order to preserve the forest and the view it offers.
“It is my very strong belief anyone who comes in and cuts any timber below an 18-inch diameter is not doing right by the hardwood forest or the view,” said Jane. “This piece of property needs a responsible buyer who will manage it conservatively. This is a resource people in McMinnville have to look at. To me, buying this property is not only about ownership but also about stewardship, which takes into account the forest, your financial needs and the community. I would hope whoever buys it would buy it with an attitude of stewardship, not just blind greed.”