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Bell named commission chairman
Bell Elected Chairman seal.png
County Executive Terry Bell was elected chairman during Thursday night’s special called County Commission meeting. - photo by Bethany Porter

County Executive Terry Bell was unanimously appointed chairman at Thursday night’s special called County Commission meeting.

Bell was nominated by County Commissioner Michael Bell and all 21 commissioners present voted in favor of his appointment. Commissioners Gary Prater and Carl D. Bouldin were absent. 

“I want to thank you first off for electing me chairman. I serve for you and this is your meeting,” said Bell. 

He already has some changes in mind for the meetings, one of which is the decision to let each commissioner pick someone to lead the pledge and say the prayer before meetings. Previously, the chairman chose someone to do the pledge and the prayer each month. 

“I am going to ask every one of the commissioners in each district, we have 12 districts and two commissioners, to get the pledge and the prayer said at each meeting,” said Bell. “It will start in district one and we will appoint it to one commissioner and then we will go all the way around. That way if you want to bring your preacher or whoever you want to say the pledge, I will hand it over to you when it comes to the prayer and the pledge.”

Bell also voiced his opinion on social media and encouraged the commissioners to handle their problems in person and leave it offline. 

“I am looking forward to working with everybody here and it takes an effort from everybody to make this county good. If you have a problem with another commissioner, let’s try to be civil with the way we hold our meetings. I know social media has become a big thing, but go talk to the commissioner if you have a problem with his vote or anything before you go on social media and blast him because that is a human being and they have feelings,” said Bell. 

This month’s regularly scheduled County Commission meeting will be on Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m.