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Balcony collapse hospitalizes two
Two people were hospitalized Tuesday when a balcony collapsed at Holly Pointe Apartments on Yager Road. They were transported to Saint Thomas River Park.

A husband and wife were hospitalized Tuesday after their balcony collapsed at Holly Pointe Apartments.

Sean and Crystal Black were both transported to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital for injuries suffered when they plunged from their second-floor balcony.

“It’s just lucky no one was underneath it when it fell because that would have killed someone,” said McMinnville police officer Matt Stubblefield.

The accident took place just before 5 p.m. at H Building when many residents were outside enjoying the evening. Thomas Reeves was one of the first on the scene after watching the accident unfold.

“I heard a crack, looked up and there it went,” said Reeves. “The back of it pulled away from the wall and it just gave way. I saw it fall and I started running. I managed to get him off the top of her because they were piled up. Her arm was snapped really bad right at the wrist.”

Added apartment complex resident Toni Bell, “It makes me nervous because we have a balcony too. I don’t want to go out on it anymore.”

McMinnville’s Codes Department will be notified of the balcony collapse and determine if the rest of balconies at the complex are fit structures.