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Bain gets 30 days in jail for assaulting boyfriend
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A woman has been given 30 days in jail and ordered into anger management classes after she attacked a man near the Kroger gas pumps outside Three Star Mall.The woman, Amanda Nicole Bain, 28, claimed she was simply trying to calm her boyfriend down and had grabbed him around the neck. However, her story didn’t match eyewitness claims that she was seen punching him with her fists. Also at odds with her story were a torn shirt and fresh scratches suffered by the victim.“She was found to be the primary aggressor,” said McMinnville police officer Austin Edwards, noting he placed Bain under arrest.The assault charge was just the start of Bain’s issues with the law as during a search of her person a credit card case was found containing three small baggies.“There was a clear, crystal-like substance believe to be methamphetamine,” the officer reported, noting there was also an unidentified pill found.