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Bailey brings new life to old park
Boy Scout Nathan Bailey can relax and enjoy the fact his Eagle Scout project is behind him, literally. He renovated the park on Old Shellsford Road.

Boy Scout Nathan Bailey has completed his Eagle Scout project by breathing new life into an old park on Old Shellsford Road.
The park was established almost four decades ago by Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency next to Collins River, accessed by Hot Mix Road.
Just east of McMinnville, the river absorbs is key tributary, Barren Fork, and is a popular spot for kayakers who enter the water there and float to VFW.
“We’ve used the park for the past five years we’ve lived here,” said Bailey. “We’ve seen it get worn down and eroded. I decided it needed some work done to it. We were told by Warren County Executive Herschel Wells the park was built 36 years ago and nothing has been done to it since.”
Bailey, a member of Troop 309, first obtained approval from the Boy Scouts of America for the project, as well as TWRA.
He says the project value is $4,500.
The work included: rebuilding the fence along the property, replacing steps and adding new gravel to the paths that lead down to the river, placing an information kiosk that tells about invasive species, fishing regulations and other information, placing riprap rock along the river to stabilize the shoreline, and placing two picnic tables and two trashcans.
TWRA will be maintaining the property, but not entirely. 
“The TWRA is maintaining the property but their budget is set until July 2017 and they didn’t include trash pickup in the budget,” said Bailey. “We’re going to be hauling off the trash until next July probably.”
The teen would like to thank everyone who donated time, material or money to help him – a list of more than 20 businesses and individuals – with the three biggest contributors being Tennessee Scenic River Association, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas and Roger’s Group.
No date has been set for his Eagle Scout recognition ceremony.