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Architect gives update on WCMS bridge project
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Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill brought up an old item of business – WCMS pedestrian bridge repair. Hill reminded the School Board that there was some additional work that was done and a small amount of money remaining in their contract with Midwest Maintenance.

In February, Hill informed School Board members the contractor, while renovating one of concrete walkways, performed additional work without prior approval and requested payment from a contingency fund built into the company’s bid.

Director of Schools Bobby Cox asked the board to hold off to allow him time to contact auditors to make sure payment would not cause an audit issue and to wait until the project was complete.

Last week, Hill informed board members they had a $10,000 allowance as part of that project. With the additional work totaling $8,700, that leaves a remaining $1,300 that will return back to Warren County Schools.

Director of Schools Bobby Cox addressed the board members referring to a package given to them containing the substantial completion document.

“Early on, they completed some of that work on the front part of the building that wasn’t in the scope of the project,” said Cox. “My concern was as long as it did not exceed the contingency that we should be good. It has not and actually we are going to get money back so we just need the board to act and pay all bills and that the $1,300 will come back to the district.”

Added Hill, “We’ll draw up a change order because technically it is changing the contract amount but it would be a credit back so even with the additional work, we still ended up with $1,300 under the original amount.”