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Animal dumping problem persists
Sherri Bradley, Animal Control director.jpg
Animal Control director Sherri Bradley says dogs and cats continue to be dumped around Warren County and at the gates of Animal Control.

Animals are continuously being dumped on the side of the road or left in Animal Control’s driveway which is illegal and is becoming a dangerous problem. 

“It is rampant. People just throw them out,” said Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Sherri Bradley. “We had a kitten that someone threw out on the side of the road that now has neurological issues, but she is in a foster home.”

Over the past few weeks, multiple animals have just been dumped and abandoned. Bradley encourages those who do not want their animals to, at the very least, hand them to someone at Animal Control to ensure the animal is safe.

“We had a puppy that was dumped right at the top. A lot of times they will just dump them on the side of the road. There were seven litters of puppies in general that were dumped in boxes on the sides of the road,” said Bradley. “You have a lot of people who don’t really care about the dogs so they will just leave them somewhere. It is illegal. Even dumping them at the shelter is illegal unless you hand them to someone specifically.”

Animal Control is constantly dealing with overcrowding and the problems that come with it, but Bradley would still prefer the animals be surrendered to Animal Control instead of abandoned on the side of the road. She also encourages pet owners to get their pets spade and neutered. 

“Our problem is 15 kennels and we have 36 dogs and we were at 73 a few weeks ago,” said Bradley. “We need space to put them and we need people to work in order to keep them healthy, but it is just trying to find fosters and people who will hold onto them so we can get room. Unfortunately people for the majority just don’t care and they will just dump them.”

Bradley hopes to one day have a new shelter because the one they have now has many issues. A lot of the animals are getting sick due to the conditions. Many of the animals have been infected with Parvo.

“I really believe that we keep getting re-infected because cement is porous. So if you bleach it, it will still sit there. If I am going to stay in that building then I would want to redo all of the cement and seal it all, but there are better kennels out there that you can raise off the ground and the drains are already in each kennel so it drains off so they are not sitting in their stuff continuously or just sitting in their wetness,” said Bradley.

A nonprofit has been set up to help fund Animal Control called Friends of the Shelter. Donations can be made to the nonprofit at Security Federal or online at They can also be found on Facebook. Monetary donations, as well as dog and cat food donations, are always appreciated at the shelter.

Animal Control is always looking for foster homes and volunteers to spend some time at the shelter. Anyone interested can call Animal Control at (931) 507-3647.