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Animal Control reopens after 40 days
Kim Pettrey is the facility director of the Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

The “closed” sign has been removed from the gates of Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.
Business resumed Tuesday
“I would like to thank everyone in Warren County for their understanding and patience during this last bout of distemper,” said Kim Pettrey, facility director. “It was a very trying time for is. We worked very hard to care for the animals and save as many dogs as we could.”
The center closed May 17, which was 40 days ago. In that time frame 14 dogs with distemper had to be euthanized.
Pettrey expressed regret for those animals staff could not save.
“I hated that we couldn’t save all the dogs,” she said. “We had to euthanize 14. It really hurts my heart when I have to do that. It’s the hardest part about my job and the one thing I try to avoid doing. All these animals deserve a chance. They deserve families who will love them and care for them. When I can’t make that happen, it makes a difficult job. I know the girls feel the same way.”
During this time, staff also finished a sick room for holding animals that show signs of illness. The area was used to store animal food until the center obtained outdoor storage sheds. Those sheds are now for animal food and excess items and the empty room was renovated to house sick animals as they go through treatment.
A $1,000 grant from Wysiwash was used to purchase some cages for the new sick room. That grant was obtained by Helping Animals of Warren County (HAWC). Work also included electrical, HVAC and insulation, which were paid for using funds donated by the community.
Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center can be reached at 507-3647.