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Animal Control opens doors to public once more
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Lisa Hobbs photo Lacy is in need of a good home. She is approximately 8 weeks old. After being thrown from a moving vehicle, she has had a rough start in life and needs a kind owner. Her adoption fee is $77 and includes the cost to spay and rabies vaccination. Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is located at 169 Paws Trail. Serious inquires only may call 507-3647.

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center reopened Monday.

Animal Control officer Brandi Bouldin wants visitors to be aware of the new circle drive that’s being used.

“Visitors will come into the main gate, the same as they’ve always done,” she said. “When you leave, you’ll go up the hill and turn to the left. That’ll take you back out to just before the main gate. People aren’t used to the circle drive. I’m sure there will be a bit of confusion.”
This week’s pet featured for adoption is an 8-week-old calico kitten.

“She was thrown, along with two of her littermates, from a moving vehicle on Old Beersheba Highway,” said Bouldin. “Three witnesses saw it. One kitten was run over. Someone stopped and snatched up this kitten. One kitten took off and we were unable to find it. Sadly, no one got the license plate of the vehicle. This kitten is so sweet. I can’t understand how anyone could do something like that, but they did.”

If an adult cat is more up your alley, the facility has seven feral cats that would make good outdoor mousers and eight people-friendly cats. All have been spayed or neutered. Their adoption fees are being waived with proof of vaccination.

“What with proof of vaccination means is people have to take the animal to the vet, get its rabies vaccination and bring that paperwork back to us,” said Bouldin. “When they do that, we waive the adoption fee of $65.”

Animal Control has been shut down for approximately three weeks as ADA upgrades have been made. Those are not complete, but they are to the point where the doors can once again open.