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Animal Control Open House Dec. 17
Animal Control Open House.jpg
Beatrice is one of many pets Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center helps in a year’s time, and is full of festive cheer. The community is invited to come meet Beatrice and all the other animals in the facility’s care during its Christmas Open House on Dec. 17. - photo by Nikki Childers

If an afternoon of delicious food and great company is calling your name, you will want to scamper on over to Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center for its Christmas Open House event.

The staff of the shelter and local nonprofit Friends of the Shelter Warren County TN invite the community to visit on Dec. 17 from noon to 3 p.m. for food, refreshments and to talk about the shelter and what it does. Members of local rescue groups will be in attendance to discuss how they help with finding homes for the deluge of animals that find themselves in animal control’s care.

“We are always looking for ways to engage with the community,” explained animal control director, Sherri Bradley. “This open house is something we do each year, and it is always a good time for everyone. The animals love the extra attention they get from all the visitors, and we are pleased to get to meet more people.”

For those looking to get their pets up to date on their vaccination status or microchipped, those services will be offered during the open house as well. As a treat, “Santa Paws” will be on hand to pose for some Christmas photos as a keepsake.

“Our mission is to help as many animals as possible, and a large part of that is educating members of the public about responsible pet ownership and showing them what it’s really like in here. That’s why we enjoy hosting an open house,” explained Bradley of the shelter’s goals. “We want people to know that what we do is important, and that the support they give us through donated items and time is going to a worthy cause. I can’t express how grateful I am to the rescues, community and those who spend time helping us help the animals of Warren County year after year.”

Although donations are not required, they are always welcome. A list of needed items can be found on the animal control or the Friends of the Shelter Warren TN Facebook page. Animal control is located at 169 Paws Trail.