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Animal Control hopes circle drive alleviates parking issues
Committee to consider request for additional funds
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Warren County Animal Control could have its parking issues eased somewhat with the installation of a circle drive.
Commissioner Carolyn Miller says the facility is not handicap accessible, but it should be.
“I was out at Warren County Animal Control a couple months ago and I saw this lady get out of her car,” said Miller. “She had a walking stick and a bag. When she came back and got into her car, she couldn’t get out. There were too many vehicles. I wished everyone in this room could have seen that lady and the difficulty she was having getting out of the parking lot.”
The facility has parking for 2-3 vehicles from visitors, as well as the department’s vehicles. However, there is no way to turn around in the area. Visitors wanting to adopt an animal or drop off a donation of food must back down the winding driveway to get turned around.
 “Anyone with a disability has a hard enough time getting out without having to do that,” Miller said. “It’s very difficult to even get your car out because it can get crowded. To me, for the taxpayers of Warren County, it would be a lot better if that were a circle drive. Then, you could line up, pull around and get out. We’ve been lucky no one has had an accident.”
The county could do a better job, said Miller, of making the area user friendly and she suggested $50,000 be placed in the budget of Building and Grounds to make upgrades to the building, as needed, and install a circle drive.
Animal Control has $1,500 placed in its budget each fiscal year for building maintenance. While the county recently had a section of the building’s roof fixed to stop a leak, another section of the roof is still leaking.
The proposal will be under consideration by committee members. Any funds designated for maintenance of the Warren County Animal Control building must receive approval from the Budget and Finance Committee.