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Animal Control has many puppies
Warren County Animal Control is preparing for an onslaught of puppies this spring. There are 11 puppies housed at the facility now and that number is expected to grow. Pictured is one of them.

Spring is puppy season and puppies are pouncing into Warren County Animal Control.
“We have approximately 11 puppies right now,” said Animal Control officer Brandi Bouldin. “We’re expecting a litter of eight in the next week or so and another litter of seven after that. Puppies are starting to come in and we’re going to be overrun with them.”
Animal Control doesn’t plan on turning any puppies away.
“We’ll take them,” said Animal Control director Kim Pettrey. “We can always find rescue groups who want them. Sending them to rescues will get them out of Warren County and they’ll be fixed before being adopted out to good homes.”
Animal Control is requesting the female dog be surrendered with the puppies or the dog’s owner do what’s right in order to prevent future litters.
“We are asking them to surrender the female or encouraging them to get the female spayed,” said Pettrey. “It’s the responsible thing to do so she won’t continue to have litters come in from that same female. We don’t want to see the same people bringing in litters of puppies every year.”
A female dog can have between one and three litters of puppies a year over her lifetime. The size of the litters varies depending on the breed of the dog and its health. A female dog might be physically capable of producing a litter of puppies as early as five months.
If you are interested in adoption, serious inquires may call 507-3647.