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Animal Control gets OK for circle driveway
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The county is barking down the right path in its efforts to construct a circle driveway at Animal Control.
It was estimated $3,000 was needed in additional funds from the county to hire Simerly Excavation to cut through the hill and connect the lower driveway to the upper one. However, Building and Grounds Committee chair Carl E. Bouldin stated the county was broke and Animal Control director Kim Pettrey needed to find most of that money within her budget or through community donations.

A follow-up meeting held Tuesday was between the county Building and Grounds Committee, Health and Welfare Committee, and Highway and Bridge Committee. It sealed the future placement of the gravel drive.
“Carl, I told you we would do what we could to raise as much as we could toward the $3,000, and we’ve raised $2,724,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher. “We would be asking Building and Grounds to pick up the rest.”

The funds, said Wilcher, came from Helping Animals of Warren County (HAWC), commissioners, a monetary donation by Road Superintendent Levie Glenn, and numerous public donations.

Building and Grounds Committee members unanimously approved the request of $276.

Simerly Excavation’s estimate did not include the necessary rock/ gravel. It was suggested in a prior meeting the county Highway Department provide what’s needed and save Animal Control that cost.
Glenn was in attendance Tuesday.

“I think we can afford to absorb the cost within our budget,” said Glenn. “If it’s alright with the committee, I’m OK with furnishing the gravel for the roadway, the banks and putting it in place. I think it will cost $1,200. We use part of the facilities over there by it, and I’m comfortable providing that for the animal shelter.”

Highway and Bridge Committee members unanimously approved the offer.

At this time, it is unknown when work to establish the circle drive will begin.