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Animal Control comes clean with need for dog bath tub
An addition is on its way to Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center, a hydraulic dog grooming tub. The upgrade is to help in bathing dogs and decreasing the likelihood of injury in having to pick up larger animals.

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has been given the green light to purchase a hydraulic dog grooming tub.
“We desperately need an easier way to bathe the dogs,” said Animal Control director Kim Pettrey. “We’re killing our backs by having to lift every dog into and out of the tub. Someone is going to get hurt someday. Some of the dogs don’t want to go into the tub. They struggle with us.”
The request was made during a county Health and Welfare Committee meeting.
“I’m asking to buy this tub,” said Pettrey. “What I would like to get is the one that has the hydraulic lift on it so we won’t have to break our backs giving the dogs baths.”
The cost of the model Pettrey selected is $1,800.
Commissioner Teddy Boyd did a quick search online from his cellphone.
“I didn’t realize they were that high,” said Boyd, showing what he found. “I was curious as to how high they were. The first one it showed me was $1,599.”
Funds for the purchase will come primarily from donations.
“Since our last meeting, I’ve received $1,350 in donations,” said Pettrey. “That’s the biggest majority of it right there.”
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher asked about an extended warranty on the lift.
“That might be something to check into,” he said. “When you order it, I would check on that.”
The measure passed, but not unanimously. Commissioner Tommy Savage voted against it.
“I voted against because of the price,” said Savage. “When it started out, it was $750. I am absolutely in favor of anything that is going to be safer for the employees, but I feel that price is too much.”
Wilcher defended the purchase.
“I’m for it because it makes sense,” said Wilcher. “It is safer and could prevent back injuries. Also, we have donated funds for improvement from our citizens.”