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Ambulance chasis could go to auction
Commissioner Randy England.

Warren County residents may have a shot at bidding on an ambulance chassis.

At a recent Safety Committee meeting, EMS director Preston Denney gave an update on the new ambulance bids. Three companies were interested, but Select Tech was the only one to submit a bid. 

Select Tech gave two prices: one for trading the chassis in, and the other without trading the chassis.  

“The two prices they gave us if we trade our chassis in, I believe it is a 2015 model, but if we trade that chassis in the price was $118,350. If we decide to keep the chassis and don’t do the trade in, the price they bid is 125,350. So basically $7,000 is what they are offering us if we do the trade,” said Denney.

Chairman Ron Lee said he believes they can get more than $7,000. The only problem in keeping the old ambulance framework is EMS only has $120,000 in its budget and the new ambulance will cost $5,350 over budget.

“I personally think that when the time comes we ought to gamble on that and make us a little more money that’s going back into the budget. I think it will be money well spent,” said Lee. 

The committee discussed putting it up for auction on, but Commissioner Randy England thought it would be best to let the people of Warren County have a chance to buy it.

“I don’t mind govdeals, but that truck was bought with taxpayers’ money and I would like the people of Warren County to have a shot at it,” said England. “I’d rather put it in a public auction.”

“How much can we get if we auction it?” asked Commissioner Kasey Owens. 

“It can bring $15,000 or better,” England said.  

“So it would be worth it,” said Owens. 

“Well what you don’t know is, most ambulances we had in the past don’t have a back end on it, behind the cab. These here are solid backs and it’s got a cab on it. So our nurseries can make a flatbed trailer, a roll back, something to pull trailers. To go buy that truck, for a nurseryman would cost $75,000 and they could use that here and pay $15,000 and then put a bed on it and still be money ahead or maybe even pay $20,000,” said England.

The Safety Committee decided to accept the bid without trading in the chassis and auction it off later. The money made at the auction will go back into the EMS budget and make up for going over budget.