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All three McMinnville aldermen return
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McMinnville voters weren’t looking for a changing of the guard Tuesday night, expressing confidence in current city leadership.
All three incumbent McMinnville aldermen were returned to office.

Alderman Steve Harvey finished as the top vote-getter in earning his second term.

“First of all, it feels really good to know the voters support what I’ve done and have confidence in me to do this job another four years,” said Harvey. “Going forward, we have the Civic Center project right around the corner and hopefully an indoor pool soon after. Those are the big things I see coming.”

It will be the second term for Ryle Chastain, who was recently voted by fellow city board members to be vice mayor. Chastain says he will be looking to take more of a leadership role.

“For me, the last four years have been a lot of watching and listening,” he said. “The next for years, I’d like to take more action and do more.”

Like Harvey, Chastain said the Civic Center project, estimated at over $9 million, is the top priority. It’s a project Chastain says he fully supports and one he believes will be a great benefit to the community.

For Alderman Everett Brock, it will be his third term.

“Deciding on the Civic Center is the big elephant right now,” said Brock. “After that an indoor pool and a new police station are about the only other things I could see coming in this time frame. We also need to decide on a city administrator, but that’s not a money issue.”