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Airport to receive $30K
Warren County Airport.jpg
Our airport has landed $30,000 as part of the federal stimulus package.

Warren County Memorial Airport has landed a portion of a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package. 

The county Budget and Finance Committee met Monday for initial consideration of three requests by Warren County Memorial Airport officials, one being that commissioners allocate $30,000 from the county’s general fund to the airport.

“This is an amendment to the general fund,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley, committee chair. “It’s federal money from the COVID-19 relief fund. This $30,000 will be pass-thru money. If we go ahead and appropriate it, they can go ahead and have it.”

Warren County Memorial Airport is slated to receive $30,000 of the funds earmarked to help in maintaining the access of small and rural communities to aviation services. 

“I suggest we approve this with the caveat they cannot spend the allocation until the $30,000 in stimulus money is actually received,” said Rubley.

The stimulus money requires no local match from Warren County government.

Also requested was that commissioners amend the county’s general fund and allocate a total of $5,750 to cover a 5 percent match on two grants received that do require financial matches -- a grant of $25,000 and one for $90,000.

Finance Department director Justin Cotten says the grants are 95/5, meaning the county is responsible for 5 percent -- $1,250 and $4,500.

“The amendment is for the first grant of $25,000, of which we are responsible for $1,250. The runway construction clearing is a $90,000 grant. The local part is $4,500,” said Cotten.

Budget and Finance Committee members gave initial approval for all three amendments to the county’s general fund as requested by Warren County Memorial Airport. The transfer of $30,000 was made with a stipulation the money cannot be spent until the stimulus check is received. 

Warren County Commission approval is required.