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Active shooter drill tests readiness
Members of McMinnville Police Departments critical response team entering a maintenance shed on the National Guard Armory property Friday morning are, from left, Justin Cobble, Sgt. Ben Cantrell, Eddie Colwell and Bobby Anderson.
Be thankful it was only a drill.McMinnville police officers responded to an active shooter at the National Guard Armory on Friday morning, casing the building until the suspect was eventually apprehended.The drill was at the request of Tennessee National Guard Major Gen. Max Haston, who wants to help soldiers be better prepared for such a situation. There were four Marines and one Navy sailor killed last summer in Chattanooga at a Navy Reserve center.McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton described the drill.“A disgruntled member of the National Guard who had just been dismissed from his job went into the armory, shot a person on duty, and barricaded himself inside,” said Denton. “He still had a weapon.