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Accused murderer violates probation
Homicide suspect Bryan Cooke has been sentenced to three years in prison for violating his probation.

Facing trial in February for the brutal murders last summer of his in-laws, Gail and Gary Dodson, homicide suspect Bryan J. Cooke has been sentenced to three years in prison for violating his probation.
Cooke admitted to being in violation of his probation during his recent appearance before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. He was directed to serve the balance of a three-year sentence he owes the state for a grand theft conviction in 2013. He had already violated his probation last year, serving 66 days for that violation, getting out of jail shortly before he allegedly killed his in-laws.
Given the complex calculations used to determine how long inmates must serve, it is not known exactly how much time is owed on the probation violation. However, Cooke is likely going nowhere prior to his scheduled trial in February as he is being held under $2 million bond.
Prosecutors say Cooke stabbed the Dodsons to death in June 2015 inside their Fairview home. Cooke was found hiding in a Jacksonville, Fla., motel the day after their bodies were found. He had been an immediate suspect.
Investigators say he was not only driving a vehicle that belonged to the victims, but he also left his vehicle at the scene of the crime after slamming it into a garage. Investigators say there was a large amount of money found lying on the bed in the motel room where Cooke was caught.
Cooke fought extradition back to Tennessee for about a month before giving up his fight. His case underwent a long delay while a mental evaluation was conducted to make sure he was sane to stand trial and that he appreciated the wrongfulness of his acts. Examiners have cleared Cooke to face trial for the murders.
Lawmen say they have DNA evidence linking him to the murder scene as blood found on the clothes Cooke was wearing the night of the murders has blood from the victims on it, according to DNA tests.