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Accidents abound Friday morning
Risky roads after snow hits McMinnville area
Benjamin George was driving this pickup that slid off the side of S. Chancery Street on Friday afternoon. A wrecker pulled the pickup back on its wheels and it was driven from the scene.
Warren County’s first snowfall of 2017 didn't mix well with the morning rush hour Friday.It was a recipe for headaches as the 911 Center was slammed with calls of fender benders all morning and law enforcement officials were sent scurrying around the county.“We had reports of 41 incidents,” said 911 operations coordinator Valerie Womack of the morning issues caused by the approximately 2 inches of snow that began falling around 6 a.m. “Thirty-eight of the reports came before 11 a.m.”Warren County dodged the first round of snow in the early evening hours Thursday as the storm turned north and left the Nursery Capital with just a hint of frozen precipitation. However, the second storm, which headed in from the Great Plains and picked up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, quickly coated the ground and roads around the county, making driving treacherous for morning commuters. Schools were called off around 5 a.m. Friday morning.“We had cars in ditches and sliding into one another,” Womack said, noting the calls to 911 were constant.