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$60 left in dog food fund
Sherri Bradley - Animal Control.jpg
Sherri Bradley

With only $60 left in its food budget, Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Sherri Bradley requested more money be allocated to buy food. 

An amendment to the county’s general fund allowing $1,000 to be used from the general fund’s tipping fees to cover food overages will go before the full court at this month’s County Commission meeting. According to Finance Department director Justin Cotten, tipping fees are the donations Bradley collects and before those funds can be spent on anything, the County Commission has to appropriate the funds by means of a budget amendment.  

The issue was brought up at the county’s Health and Welfare Committee meeting this month when Bradley told the committee there was only $60 left in the budget for dog and cat food.

“Our issue right now is that we have $60 left in the food budget because of the influx of animals,” said Bradley.

“You have what now? $60?” asked Commissioner Kasey Owens.

“Left in the food budget because of the influx of animals we have had,” said Bradley.

Commissioner Blaine Wilcher asked if they were able to do a budget transfer and Bradley said they were and that they would figure it out. Recently Bradley says she believes the $1,000 moved to the food budget plus the additional food people donate to the shelter should be enough to last until June. 

The County Commission will vote on the budget amendment at its next meeting Monday, March 21.