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42 apply to be city manager
Nolan Ming with hat.jpg
Nolan Ming

The second deadline for applying for the McMinnville city administrator position has passed. This round drew the attention of 42 applicants. 

We received a total of 42 applicants for the city administrator job,” said McMinnville Mayor Ben Newman. “Eighteen from the first round are still involved.”

Names are not being released at this time. However, according to Warren Nevad of the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service, he will begin the process of ranking the individuals and present a list to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration.

It appears only one current city department director applied for the job. When directors were contacted by the Standard, only Community Development Department director Nolan Ming said he was interested.

“Yes, I have applied,” said Ming. “If given the opportunity to serve, I envision a very smooth transition in which I rely on my existing relationships with the mayor and aldermen, allowing me to hit the ground running to support the strategic plan and direction of the city, our mayor, and our aldermen. McMinnville is such a wonderful place to live, to visit, to tour, and to play.”

Ming added he would be an active and diligent city administrator.

“Given my background and education in community development, one of my initial focuses would be on encouraging more proactive solicitation of community input and listening to what community members have to say, supporting citizens that are engaged with the city, building their collective knowledge, and providing support and encouragement to develop effective plans to transition their ideas into action. This type of community involvement builds stronger communities and helps the mayor and aldermen build a resilient community that is prepared for the future in a fiscally sound manner.”

The city administrator oversees the day-to-day operation of the city by working closely with department directors and their employees. 

With 41 others vying for the position, Ming could have an uphill battle to obtain the job. 

“Of course, if it’s not me, I hope whoever is tapped to fill the position is the best choice for our city,” said Ming. “I will do everything I can to support them for the benefit of McMinnville’s citizens.”

McMinnville officials have set a tentative date of April 1 to have someone in place.