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$1.9M development
Patricia Basham.jpg

Construction of four buildings that will house eight duplexes is under way on the corner of New Nashville Highway and Spring Valley Road.

The completion date is set for November.

“I’m scared to death to say for sure when they might be done,” said McMinnville Housing Authority director Patricia Basham. “We’re hoping to be done by the first of November with the goal of having people live there before Christmas.”

The development stirred some unrest from nearby residents who were concerned it may devalue their property. Basham said the new duplexes will be nice, one-bedroom units complete with carport. Each unit will come with stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.

In addition to the duplexes, a community room is under construction.

“I built something I wouldn’t mind living in myself,” said Basham. “For the people who live nearby, they couldn’t be getting better neighbors.”

Basham said duplex residents must be 62 and over. Veterans will be given preference. Applications will be accepted beginning in the fall.

“Income has to be verified within 90 days of the move-in date so there’s no reason to do that now and have to do it twice,” said Basham.

She said the one-bedroom units can be occupied by a single resident or a couple. She said income guidelines are much higher for couples.

The project was originally estimated at $1.5 million, but it has climbed to $1.9 million.

“It costs so much to build right now it’s just terrible,” said Basham. “But Tri-State Development is handling it and most of the subcontractors are local so I’m glad to say the money is staying in the county.”

Basham has been with McMinnville Housing Authority for 57 years. Seeing this project through to completion has become one of her main goals.

“I have worked unbelievably hard on this and I’m going to get residents living there before I retire,” said Basham.