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Liquor doesn't make ballot
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Liquor won’t be on the ballot in November, whether it’s package liquor stores in McMinnville or liquor by the drink in Morrison.The deadline to submit a petition was Friday.According to election administrator Donna Smith, the only petition submitted for package liquor in McMinnville wasn’t accepted because it didn’t contain the signatures of 335 registered voters in the city limits.“They had well over the number of signatures, but we had to disqualify most of them because they weren’t registered voters or they didn’t live in McMinnville,” said Smith. “There were several pages where we couldn’t count anybody’s signature on the entire page.”Yates said the petition ended well short with only 132 valid signatures. The requirement of 335 signatures is 10 percent of the people who voted in the most recent gubernatorial election.Two years ago, a measure to bring package liquor stores to McMinnville failed by 200 votes.As for liquor by the drink in Morrison, Smith said an inquiry was made about getting that measure on the ballot.