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Library upgrades its computers
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Magness Library has updated its public computer system with the money given to it by city of McMinnville from its 2013-14 fiscal year budget.
“When the city gave us $17,000, I applied for a technological grant from the state of Tennessee and asked for the most I could get,” said library director Brad Walker. “I received a $4,050 matching grant from the state. It’s a 50-50 grant.”
Combing the funds provided by the city with the grant and buying from a state contract, Walker says he was able to update all of the library’s public computers.
“One of the biggest things we could do that would make the biggest impact at one time is upgrade our computers that are open to the public,” said Walker. “With that money and buying from the state contract, I was able to buy 29 brand new, state-of-the-art computers. All of the public desktops have been replaced. It wasn’t the monitors. It was the towers.”
The library usually replaces two computers a year. Walker say two was not enough to keep all the computers updated and the city’s generosity was a “great boon” for the library.
“We buy two computers a year with a state tech grant,” he said. “We were getting slowly, but surely, behind. Two just wasn’t enough. Thanks to the city’s generosity we are all caught up and our computers are up to date, for the most part. So, it was a great boon and we are very grateful the city gave it to us.”
Use of the public computers is free. The library also offers computer classes, including beginner and Excel.