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Library makes storytime revisions
Magness Library is making a change to its storytime program in order to get children reading ready for school. Age-appropriate storytimes with curriculums begin this week.

Magness Library is making a change to its storytime hour for children. The adjustment will help parents get their children “reading ready” for school by offering age-appropriate storytimes with curriculums.
Beginning this week there will be three storytimes: Tuesday for ages birth to 24 months, Wednesday for ages 2-3, and Thursday for ages 4-5. All sessions will be at 10 a.m. and are offered in Children’s Department of the library.
“We want to get every child reading ready,” said Magness Library assistant director Michelle Chisam. “Dividing the children into age groups will work out much better than one storytime for children of all ages. We will also offer age-appropriate lessons and give parents information during storytime to help their children learn to read.” 
The library will be following the “Very Ready Reading Program” designed as a comprehensive early literacy program for children ages birth to 5 years with three curriculums that build on the developmental stages of children:
• Storytime for birth-24 months will offer: a shorter storytime format; how to share board books, nursery rhymes and songs with babies; how to engage babies in thymes and songs; instructions for caregivers to move babies’ arms or legs to do actions that accompany rhymes and songs; language enrichment for babies; songs with simple melodies, sung at slower tempo with 1-2 verses; repeatable thymes with lap games and simple hand, feet and finger games; book, rhyme and song selections develop babies’ beginning vocabulary and introduce them to different sounds; follow-up activities based on baby’s ability level.
• Storytime for ages 2-3 will offer: slightly longer program format; paper book recommendations with 2-3 lines of text per page; fine motor skill reinforcement; instructions for caregivers to do the rhymes and songs along with their child; fingerplays and whole-hand motions, such as opening and closing hands, pointing various fingers in countdown rhymes or using whole-arm motions; songs with simple melodies, 2-3 verses; embedded storytime activities that allow for a lot of movement; follow-up activities based on children’s ability levels.
• Storytime for ages 4-5 will offer: stories, songs and rhymes increase in length and complexity as appropriate for the attention span of this age group; ways to encourage caregiver participation in storytimes; longer book recommendations with several sentences per page; three stories with 1-2 activities, such as active thymes, finger rhymes, creative dramatics, poems or songs between stories; songs with several verses, more instrumental accompaniment that are sung at a normal speed; follow-up activities are more detailed and complex and further develop book themes.
Parents are free to bring their children to any and all of the storytime sessions regardless of their ages.
“If you have a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old, you can come to either of those storytimes or both,” said Chisam. “We aren’t asking parents to make arrangement for their other child. The session will be geared toward children in that age range but all children are welcome to attend.”
For more information about the changes to storytime, the library can be reached at 473-2428.