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Leila improving after month in hospital
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Ten-year-old Leila Gunter spent over a month of her summer break at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital following emergency surgery. She was taken to River Park Hospital on May 19 where it was determined she was in kidney failure. River Park sent her to Vanderbilt where tests discovered Leila had a twisted bowel.
The doctors at Vanderbilt said Leila was born with an abnormality where her intestines are in the wrong spot. Doctors had seen this abnormality in babies before, but had never operated on a 10-year-old.
 Leila had recently had a virus which caused her to vomit quite a bit. Doctors speculated the vomiting may have caused the bowel to twist in such a way as to cause Leila to become ill. Doctors have said she is at a high risk for the bowel to twist again. She goes this week for a follow-up visit at Vanderbilt.
Doctors were able to untwist the bowel during surgery. However, after the surgery, Leila’s stomach did not wake up. She had a NG tube inserted through her nose and throat suctioning bile. She later had a PICC line inserted to provide nutrients to her body.
Leila was allowed clear liquids starting June 16. She drank clear liquids for a couple of days, then was allowed jello and broth. She was still on soft foods when she left the hospital June 20 after 31 days in the hospital.
According to Leila’s uncle, Brent Walling, her insurance did not want to pay for her to stay longer in the hospital. The insurance company was pushing for her to be released. Leila is home now and is making progress. She is able to eat small portions, although she must be careful about what she eats.
Leila’s mother, Amanda Snider, says, “Leila is doing great. She has been eating since we came home. She gets very tired, which is to be expected. We are just taking everything real slow.”
There will be a benefit supper and auction Friday night at Centertown CIC. Supper begins at 5:30 p.m. with Prater’s BBQ and homemade sides being served. An auction will begin at 7 p.m. with Phillip Prater serving as the auctioneer. Live music will also be performed. For more information about the benefit or to donate, contact Walling at 808-0360.
Leila is a student at Centertown School and is the daughter of Amanda Snider and Shane Gunter.