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Ledbetter recovering at Vanderbilt
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A man burned while working on a vehicle at his Beersheba Street business remains under treatment after suffering burns to over a quarter of his body.The victim, Johnny “Dee” Ledbetter, remains a patient at Vanderbilt Burn Unit in Nashville. He has been a patient there since he suffered the burns Feb. 20 at Dee’s Tire Care on Beersheba Street.According to the victim’s fiancé, Wendy Vaughn, who has been at his side in the hospital’s 11th Floor critical tower, the accident happened as he was pumping gas out of a truck.“The end of the hose came out of the jug and sprayed him with gas,” she said. “When he went to undo the battery cable it sparked and ignited the gas that was on him.”A customer at the business saw Ledbetter on fire and screamed – her scream alerting his uncle who came to his aid, helping him pull off the burning clothes and extinguishing the flames with a fire extinguisher.“Had his Uncle Glen not been there that day then Dee may not be here today,” Vaughn said.