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Latest scam tries to get your credit card number
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Local residents need to exercise caution when responding to any text message that could be attempting to obtain information about their debit or credit cards.
“I got a text message yesterday telling me to call 1-901-414-0142,” said Len Murray, who is a bail bondsman. “It also said ‘Achieve’ below the phone number in the message.”
After calling the number, Murray says a message stated something about the limit on his debit or credit card being reduced and in order to prevent it, he must notify them immediately.
“It told me to press 1,” said Murray. “I pressed 1 and it asked me for my 16-digit card number. I immediately hung up. I don’t know how they got my cell number, but I know you never give out that kind of information. I called my bank and I was told they didn’t know anything about that company, that I was right in not giving them any information. It was a scam.”
The Standard called the number on Wednesday and found the message was replaced by one from the Federal Trade Commission informing callers about the scam.
“The telephone number you just called has been disconnected because it may be involved in a scam. You might have gotten this phone number from an email, text or voicemail message, but no matter how real it seemed, that message was a trick.”
FTC says what Murray experienced is called “fishing.”
“It’s called fishing because scammers are fishing for information about you or your financial accounts. Once scammers have that, they can use it to commit identify theft or fraud. If you are concerned about your account, contact your financial institution using information from your billing statement.”
Find out how to protect yourself against fishing and identity theft at, a website managed by the Federal Trade Commission.