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Langford caught smuggling drugs
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A man who turned himself in to authorities while toting drugs inside his person has been hit with smuggling charges.The suspect, Andrew Argo Langford, 23, is charged with introduction of drugs into the county jail.The charges were brought after he turned himself in at the jail on an outstanding warrant.“He appeared to be very nervous and kept saying he wanted to go to D-Pod,” said corrections officer David Snowden, noting it was odd he would specifically ask to be placed in a certain cell block.The reason for the man’s nervousness soon became apparent.“I saw a black tubular object protruding from the subject’s private area,” Snowden revealed in his warrant. “When I asked him about it, he became argumentative and belligerent and stated he did not have anything hidden.”His conduct prompted the jailer to call for a Taser at which time the suspect threw the object on the table. A search of the object revealed it held tobacco, four Soma pills, and two or three crushed pills.