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Kirby meant to kill, prosecutors say
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With prosecutors saying Floyd Kirby took dead aim with his shotgun and blasted Ken Murray from a fishing boat the state’s case in the attempted murder trial got underway Thursday.“I was in fear for my life. That’s what happens when you’re looking down the business end of a shotgun,” testified Stan Owenby, who was fishing in the boat alongside the victim on Harvest Farms Lake when Kirby opened fire the morning of May 10, 2011.Owenby said they had fished the whole lake and were floating in the back of Kirby’s house when the 76-year-old man yelled for them to get off his property. The defense maintains the property rights agreement on Harvest Farms Lake provides ownership of the portion of the lake near the residences of the homeowners.Owenby said after hearing about six shots of what he believed to be Kirby shooting a pistol at the ground he then heard the blast of a shotgun, the pellets splashing near the boat.“Stumpy (the victim) said he was calling the law,” Owenby said recalling the events.