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Killer arrested again
Fisk shot man outside his home
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A man who gunned down another man outside Partridge Meadows Apartments nearly 20 years ago over a drug deal gone bad has been arrested for drug trafficking and carrying a gun.
The suspect, Jimmy Tyrone “J.J.” Fisk, 39, has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of cocaine. He is also under indictment for delivery of drugs, meaning he faces two sets of drug charges.
It was that indictment that led to his most recent charges as police stopped him on North Chancery Street to serve the indictment on him. Fisk’s car was seized following the traffic stop and he was taken to jail.
After officers seized the vehicle, they took it to jail to be inventoried. While nothing of interest was found in the passenger compartment, deputies found items of interest under the hood.
“Officers located a blue bag in the air intake under the hood,” said sheriff’s investigator Jody Cavanaugh. “The bag contained a Hi-Point 380 pistol with two clips of ammunition.”
The bag was chocked full of illegal items, the officer noted, not limited to just the firearm.
“The bag also contained a plastic bag with approximately seven grams of white powdery substance and a white rocky substance believed to be cocaine,” Cavanaugh said.
The investigator pointed out Fisk has been arrested on two prior occasions for dealing drugs, both of those coming in 1995. It was also that year Fisk was charged with shooting a man to death at Partridge Meadows Apartment.
Fisk was convicted of manslaughter in late 1995. His sentence for the killing ended in 2013. He was convicted of fatally wounding Randy Jones after he and other men showed up on Jones’ doorstep to exact revenge for Jones cutting one of their friends earlier in the day during a drug deal.
Evidence during Fisk’s trial showed Jones heard them outside and crept out a back window. He confronted the group outside his door but came armed with only a knife. Fisk was carrying a gun and shot Jones three times.
Given the fact Jones was armed, jurors decided against convicting Fisk for murder, opting instead for the lesser manslaughter conviction.